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BRTģ EverGreen

An absorbent mass with great capillary action

Moisture enhancing growth

BRT® EverGreen absorbent mass is the result of a long-term development process. The high-performance capillary structure ensures an excellent absorbing capacity while evenly releasing moisture and oxygen into the soil. Thanks to this development work we can offer a biodegradable alternative to chemical moisturizers.

The crystal structure of the BRT® EverGreen absorbent mass is extremely porous and thin-walled. The volume of air pores accounts for some 95% of the total mass volume. When watered the pores fill with water

The plate-shaped support structures of the absorbent granule tissue supporting an extensive active tissue. An electron microscope picture: magnification of 1800x

which is slowly absorbed and used by the plant root system. Oxygen that is necessary for growth and fot the vitality of the roots remains in the tissue. BRT® EverGreen absorbent mass speeds up and provides energy for growth.

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