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BRT ~ Absorption and growth energy

Biomass Refine Technologies BRT Ltd has developed the BRT EverGreen absorbent mass to improve the properties of substrates. This product allows plants to utilize water and nutrients for growth most efficiently. It stimulates new growth and enhances growth also in ears prone to erosion ad low nutrient levels


Water and nutrient management

BRT ® EverGreen works through the capillary action in every direction, which is particularly beneficial for moistening peat. This product substantially reduces the amount of water required for irrigation, since water can be precisely directed at the root area that is of vital importance for growth


BRT ® EverGreen is mixed with the soil layer where the rooting of plants occurs. The mixed amount depends on the soil to be refined and is usually 10-30% of the amount of the soil in question. The product is ideal for improving the properties of all earth-based substrates and it also enables growing, for instance, in nutrient-poor sandy soils.


Soil improvement

BRT ® EverGreen significantly improves the cultivability of soil, by speeding up the rooting and new growth of plants. It is not a fertilizer, but rather a substrate improvement agent. Treated soil is fertilized normally. BRT ® EverGreen provides an opportunity to expand the cultivated area and to improve soil fertility. BRT ® EverGreen can be used as a reformer of so-called dormant farmlands, and it allows areas destroyed by erosion to be taken into productive use. The product is fully biodegradable. 

Composting and dry toilets

BRT ® EverGreen enhances the process in composts and dry toilets by improving the moisture balance. Mixed with toilet bedding the product significantly reduces odor problems. This fully biodegradable absorbent mass is well-suited for use as an additive for all organic drying agents.

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